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Have you been unjustly paid by your employer for your hours worked? Find out if you qualify:

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Are You A Victim Of Wage And Hour Abuse? 

  • Worked overtime – more than 40 hours in a week – but only received a weekly salary.
  • Worked “off-the-clock,” either pre-shift, post-shift, meal period deductions, or even from home after hours.
  • Tips were stolen by management taking a percentage of the tips from waitstaff, putting a manager in the tip pool, or having servers kick in cash every shift for a dishwasher.
  • Were charged by your employer for buying or cleaning a uniform.
  • Worked more than then hours in day, you should have been paid an extra hour of pay.  
  • Misclassified as a salaried employee, when the law required that you be paid an hourly rate. You could be entitled to overtime.

If these happen to you then you may have a legal right to pursue the wages you should have been paid.

Common Job Types In Which Unfair Wages Occurs? 

  • Hospitality and service workers (restaurants, bars, hotels).
  • Personal services providers (childcare, cleaning companies, barbershops, nail salons, etc.).
  • Low level office workers.
  • Retail workers.
  • Construction employees.
  • Janitorial employees.
  • Transportation workers (public transport drivers, truck drivers, waste collectors).


Employers in New York have a legal obligation to pay the wages that their employees earn. Have you suffered from underpaid or loss of wages paid? Do You Earn A Salary Instead Of An Hourly Rate? Are You Paid A Day Rate Or A Shift Rate? Fill out the form below to see if you qualify. Free Consultation!

You Could Be Qualified To Receive Those Wages If You: 

All workers in New York are entitled to a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work. Unfortunately, violations of local, state, and federal wage and hour laws are not uncommon. When employers do not pay the minimum wage, fail to pay non-exempt employees overtime, force employees to work off the clock, or engage in other forms of wage theft, you could be entitled to those wages.

When you work with our NYC employment attorney, we will be the strength in your corner, fighting for your right to any compensation you have not been paid.

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